Inspecting Your New Home
We know buying a home is a major milestone, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to support you on your home buying journey. We thoughtfully share an objective view of the condition of every home we inspect, whether pre- or post-closing, so that you can make confident and informed decisions.

Comprehensive Home Inspections

Our home inspections are thorough and efficient. We point out the good, provide helpful context for potential concerns, and share valuable tips for successful home ownership. You will then receive a home inspection report that is very detailed but also clear and easy to follow.  It is also very easy to extract relevant information from our interactive online reports with just a few clicks to share with others. Our process doesn’t end there, as we are always available for questions afterward.

Convenient Options

Look no further for the complete package -- Kensa offers the extra inspection services you need.  We provide complete air quality testing in one electronic device that is exclusive to Kensa in Massachusetts.  The battery-driven tamper-resistant device simultaneously tests for Radon, CO, CO2, VOC, and Particulates, and gives a Mold Risk Score. Also, we are certified by the New England Pest Management Association to provide termite inspections (aka WDI, wood-destroying insects).  All of these can be done with one inspection appointment, giving you a single point of contact and a smooth, efficient process.

What We Inspect

Our inspection reports are customized to each unique property and typically include the following items. View our sample reports for more detail and a complete list.

Things exposed to nature's elements on the house or the surrounding property.
Drainage and grading, vegetation, driveways, steps and walkways, decks, balconies and porches, patios, and retaining walls
Shingles and skylights, ventilation and vents, flashing, chimneys, and gutters
Siding and brick (veneer), various trim and flashing types, doors and windows, faucets, and electrical service connection
Inside, we’ll investigate the overall condition of rooms and the health of major components.
General Interior
Walls, ceilings, floors; windows, outlets, doors; built-in cabinets, counters and shelves; extra sinks and wet bars; fireplaces, stairs and railings; water entry (damage, stains, etc.)
Cabinets and counters, sink, disposal and dishwasher, range and oven
Sinks and faucets, toilets and vents, cabinets and counters, tubs, jet tubs, and showers
Washer hookups and sink, dryer vent and service, cabinets and shelving
Structure & Utilities
The general structure and major systems are vital parts of the home inspection process.
Water supply and distribution piping, drain pipes and vent systems, hot water systems, and interior well components
Panels and breakers, grounding and GFCI, interior service and amperage, wiring and receptacles, switches and fixtures
Heating & Cooling
Heating and cooling systems, exhaust and burners, thermostats and controls, oil tanks and lines, air filters, insulation, piping and duct work distribution
Basement and Foundation
Foundation walls and floors, framing and columns, insulation and ventilation, sump pump, dampness and water entry, chimneys and crawl spaces, and signs of wood destroying insects
Framing and sheathing, insulation and ventilation, chimneys, flues and plumbing vents, and water penetration
Other Services
Some properties and situations will call for a unique set of home inspection services. We are here to help.
Non-Profit & Small Business
We believe in cultivating good. If you are a local non-profit or small business owner looking for assistance with an inspection we would love to help. Whether it’s looking at the space you currently rent or borrow, or if you intend to purchase, please contact us for more information about our in-kind consultation services.
Seller Consult
Before listing your home for sale, inspecting your home will give you an idea of what issues might arise during the selling process so you can address them early.
After renovations and home improvements, having an inspector review the work helps ensure quality completion.
I left feeling like I had a full understanding of what was going on with my future home. He also sent me his full report in less than 12 hours, which was so much faster than I expected! 10/10 for Ken!
Sarah G.
Our purchase was for brand-new construction and Ken still found a multitude of must-fix items. I can only imagine what he would find in an older house. Worth the peace of mind and the money you will save in your home purchase!
Brandon F.
Very thorough, friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely detailed. Ken was excellent and made sure I understood and was aware of important aspects throughout the inspections. Cannot rank the professionalism and quality enough.
Jon P.
This was my first home inspection. Ken was amazing. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would. He was very thorough and explained everything so well. I would definitely hire again.
Cayla P.
Ken was incredibly caring during the whole inspection, clarified all of my questions, he was super informative with every step we took and showed me that he was there for me. I couldn't be more pleased.
Lo Lo
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