Educational, efficient, and enjoyable home inspections
Home Inspection Services
From comprehensive inspections to useful options, we offer services to fit your home buying needs in this competitive market. When you find a home you’d like to learn more about, we’ll be there to thoughtfully examine the property and empower you with objective knowledge about the home.
Kensa’s Approach To Home Inspection
Whether you’re a home buyer or an agent, we’re here to help with an investigative eye and a collaborative attitude. We work together to ensure everyone’s goals are efficiently met by our inspections, and we’ll have a little fun along the way.

Our most ringing endorsements are when people say that they leave our home inspections feeling lighter, like they learned a lot, and that they are more excited about their potential home. We believe that home inspections can be both educational and enjoyable.
Home Buyers
We understand that purchasing property is a big decision and the process can be overwhelming, so we make the home inspection as convenient as possible and communicate clearly to help you make a confident decision about your future home. Learn more about our approach to helping home buyers. 
Real Estate Agents
We believe that the home inspection portion of the home buying process should be seamless. You are the buyer’s primary advisor and we are a consultant and educator, highlighting the positive aspects of a home as well as the potential issues. We always give context so everyone understands what is to be expected and what is out of the ordinary. Learn more about how we can partner with you.
About Kensa
We love helping people. For us, a home inspection is about more than electrical panels and roofing. It’s about helping people make a major decision in their lives - where they want to live.
Amazing inspector! Ken took time to walk me through every step of the inspection and the context for his comments. I can confirm how knowledgeable he is and how appreciated the thoroughness was! Can't say enough good things about him and Kensa.
Jessica B.
Surpassed our expectations. I learned so much of what would have been overlooked that aided in the decision making and eliminated costly surprises in the future. That’s 50 years of construction experience talking! You are the Real Deal!
Digger O.
The entire inspection, he went out of his way to put everything he saw into context and help empower us to feel confident in our decision-making. He was so thorough and was clearly so knowledgeable, that we would recommend him to anyone.
Garrett G.
If everyone on this planet cared the way Ken does about his job and the people he serves, life would be that much better.
Tyler G.
Ken was early, incredibly knowledgeable, and funny – while being very professional! Overall, the inspection was a fun experience and my fiancé and I learned a ton. I would absolutely recommend to any first-time home buyer!
Deva J.