About Our Photos
July 30, 2021
About Our Photos
July 30, 2021

About Our Photos

By Ken Ray, Founder

The photos you see on our website and on Kensa's social media were taken by me during actual inspections (with very few exceptions). Read on for an overview of how I approach photography in general, and how that impacts your inspection report.

More is Better

I take a LOT of photos! During a typical single-family inspection I usually take about 150 photos, and well over 200 for a multi-family. For a small condo, it's usually about 60 to 100. I tend to use a lot more photos in my reports than most other inspectors. I believe it's a great way to supplement the written information, and also help remind you about how the home looks in general. When you view your inspection report online you can click on any photo to see it in it's full, original size. This will help you see the details being referenced in writing.

Automatic Mode

I am a professional home inspector, but I'm an amateur photographer. I'll be the first to admit that my camera skills won't win any Pulitzers any time soon -- well, okay, never. However, I do try to make them look as good as I can. Taking the time and effort make the photos look nice and also be useful is another thing that sets Kensa apart from the competition.

Beacon Hill penthouse
a grand entrance -- the photo is too dark, but it makes the point

Given the large number of photos I take, most of them won't end up in your report. They are visual notes, used as reminders of what I need to write up, or that something was just fine and didn't need to be mentioned.

this one reminds me that the hot water temp at the kitchen sink was fine in this Newton home

Many are Meh

A lot of my photos are pretty bad -- poorly lit, awkwardly framed, out of focus, just generally not useful for the client, or all of the above. These photos don't get published, but I use them as reminders when writing the report or for reference when a client contacts me with a question. To wit:

this awful photo says this area was covered in snow

A Few For Fun

I believe it's important to remember to have a little fun along the way, so whenever I see something unique or interesting or silly I take a quick photo. Things like this don't go in an inspection report, but can eventually end up posted on the Kensa Instagram account:

basement treasure!
a brief pause while inspecting the exterior...

Safety First!

On a serious note, at Kensa we also make sure to never use photos that might include personal or inappropriate information. Sometimes kids end up in a photo accidentally, or an interior shot might include something private laying on a desk. Little details like that are important, and we pay attention to details!

Compare and Contrast

If you're surfing around looking at other inspector's sample reports, ask yourself if they pay as much attention to photo quality as we do at Kensa. Think about how that reflects on the company overall, and on the usefulness and quality of the client deliverable -- your inspection report.