The Top 3
June 27, 2021
The Top 3
June 27, 2021

Warm, Safe, and Dry

 At Kensa, our goal is to give you an objective, professional opinion of the condition of the home you want so that you can make an informed buying decision. We developed a way to categorize the main areas of focus which will help you understand your home inspection.  

We have three main themes for every inspection:

  1. Safety
  2. Water
  3. Big Ticket Items

Another way to describe it is,

“Will you be Warm, Safe, and Dry?”

Your Kensa inspector follows a tried-and-true methodical inspection process to cover every area of the home with each of those themes in mind. This method lets you easily understand the information being presented, which can seem overwhelming otherwise. We skip the deep technical details and jargon and explain things in a clear way for those who are not familiar with all the components that make up the typical home.

See our Approach page for an overview of the Kensa process, and the Inspections page for more information on what is included in a typical home inspection. 

Also, stay tuned for more Resources articles that will describe each of the three main themes noted above.

Meanwhile, all the best in your search for a new home!

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